Thinking About Solutions

All our solutions seek to match the need with the service. In keeping with our goal to provide customized answers, we offer instructor-led sessions from 1.5hrs to 2 days, one-on-one or small group sessions and working on-site or a combination of these. For larger organizations, we also have a unique elearn program on workplace email – see details below.

Outside The Deck

Face to face delivery – in the office, boardroom, home office depending on privacy and distractions

Telephone delivery – discuss a specific situation providing tips and techniques, run a workshop/lecture followed by discussion, DIY practice

Classroom delivery – at an office or other designated location – for teams and small groups – ½ day or full day sessions

After our session? We follow-up. There's no point in the training if you're left on your own to wonder whether you're being effective. We will assist you in preparing for your next presentation and arrange to attend it. In this way, your new learning is reinforced.

Session Outcomes

Outside The Inbox

1) Helping your organization get started – review and consulting – looking for quick wins

2) Creating Awareness – workplace presentations – strategy and tactics for managing e-mail

3) Revolutionary Learning Tool – available only to organizations; minimum license 100 views

A one hour computer-based tutorial designed to create greater productivity using email at work, based on the book “Managing Your E-mail: Thinking Outside the Inbox”, Copyright © 2003 Christina Cavanagh, John Wiley & Sons Ltd.   This convenient, time-friendly approach employs a variety of learning and information methods, including lecture, quizzes and hands-on exercises.  A unique feature of this tutorial is the articles that participants can download to use on an ongoing basis as personal reference materials.

The program has 9 sections: Introduction & Quiz, Quirks and Wonders, The Legal Face of Email, The Inbox, The Outbox, Tips & Techniques, Email Conservation, Final Quiz, Summary. It also includes 7 downloadable PDF articles that supplement ongoing knowledge.

Overall Outcomes

Outside The Classroom

1) Trainer – working with larger organizations, corporate universities and professional associations teaching qualitative skills – communications, planning, change management – either proprietary or custom developed

2) Lecturer – associated with educational institutions teaching strategic/tactical business communication capabilities to undergraduate/graduate degree candidates

3) Facilitator – working with small to medium size firms and associations as an executive resource:

The Cost

Our services are priced by the project not on a per head basis. In teaching situations, organizations/units truly benefit as we charge a flat fee for the training and not on a per person basis.

In consulting/facilitating situations, we prefer to quote a daily or project rate based on an hourly fee of Cad/US $250 or €200.

We pre-quote and provide an agreed upon ceiling for services before we start. In this way, everyone knows and understands the total cost for the delivered service. We pride ourselves on teaching communications – in this sensitive area we practise it in full.

Fact Sheet

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