Successful solutions delivered

An investment analyst is preparing to present their fund’s performance for an audience of broker-dealers. Their need: simpler slides/charts highlighting key information, ways to present negative news in a positive light, improving question & answer period to show knowledge in an informal setting

An MBA team is working on a presentation to their medical facility clients on how to improve performance. Their need: adding/rearranging content that tells an effective story, choreographing the group speakers, making audience contact

A manager in a volunteer role is facing angry parents at a school board meeting. Their need: ways to control the meeting so that everyone is heard and solutions can be discussed

An executive accustomed to making internal presentations is presenting to an outside group. Their need: connecting to the audience through a solid introduction, introducing some humour, building the firm’s reputation in the minds of the audience

A new executive director is making their first presentation to the board asking for a large investment to be made for infrastructure. Their need: build credibility with the audience, presenting with confidence, handling interruptions/side discussions, making a persuasive case for funding

An internal group within a large organization wishes to improve the communication skills of their senior employees. Their need: scheduled training sessions in presentation delivery, building presentation content; to ground the knowledge, customized follow-up coaching as these individuals make their next presentations

An entrepreneur is being interviewed by the media – newspaper and radio. Their need: developing their message, staying on message throughout, avoiding use of negative words and phrases

An experienced medical researcher has received presentation skills coaching but is concerned that they are being told to be something they are not. Their need: opportunity to discuss issues/options and unlock their own unique presentation style, audience connection techniques

People who are very uncomfortable making presentations as they cannot control their nerves and fear the audience will laugh at them. The need: understanding the art of presentation skills, being filmed while presenting, watching yourself on film & knowing you don’t appear as nervous as you feel, making improvements, then filming again

Individuals who are uncertain about being effective presenters because English is not their first language. Their need: understand the importance of voice and body language in presenters, ways to enhance their natural style and communicate across cultures

A young manager has to make a presentation as part of a job interview process. Their need: developing and arranging content, presentation style, delivery techniques that exude confidence